180 Nutrition Affiliate Program

Take a slice of the pie and make money while you sleep.
Our Affiliates Program makes it easy to make a little extra cash…


What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows you to sell our products through your website, blog, email newsletter or social media sites without lifting a finger.

You simply add a small image or just text to your page and when your users click on these their sales activities will be tracked to you. In short, you can make money 24/7. 

Can anyone be an affiliate?

Yes, if you have an online presence in any way shape or form then you can expose your audience to our products and make money. 

How much money can be made?

Our programme offers 10% on the value of each sale. So to put this into perspective if your audience clicks on our link and buys a 1.5kg bag of 180 you will make $13!

How to sign-up for the affiliate network

The process is super simple and takes less than three minutes to setup. Simply click here to sign up.