About Us

Like a growing number of people, we've realised that what we've been taught for years about 'healthy' eating doesn't really stack up. Many of the so-called 'healthy choices' adorning supermarket shelves are in fact directly responsible for the growing number of health problems we see affecting our community. 

Diet fads come and go. Even the ones that seem to work require a huge amount of time, energy and will power to maintain the benefits. So should we have to work so hard to lead a healthy, balanced life?

We don't think so.

The problem is that the majority of food we buy at the supermarket is highly processed, and loaded with sugar. These foods force our bodies to process things that we're just not designed to digest – and we pay for it by dragging ourselves through the day with low-energy levels spurred on by frequent pick-me-ups in the form of some sort of caffeine or sugar hit. Long term, this translates to all sorts of health problems which we won't get into now – but thankfully, there is a simple solution.

Eat natural, unprocessed food. Do what you love. And your body will take care of itself.