About My Recipes

The majority of these recipes are low carb, sugar free or use minimal sugar substitutes, gluten free, wheat free and grain free. Some of them are dairy free or have dairy free options.

I have been pretty much gluten free for a few years now, however this is a whole new experience for the rest of the family. These recipes have been developed to try and make the transition to our new way of eating as pain free for my husband and 3 + a baby children as possible. We still include dairy in our diet as no one seems to have a problem with it and we enjoy having it as an option.

We try to eat as natural as possible, using whole ingredients and avoiding preservatives where we can. Changing the way we eat has made a big difference to our energy levels as parents, our children are generally calmer and need less snacks to get them through the day. I had a baby 5 months ago and was back to by pre-birth weight at 4 months. My husband has lost almost 10kg in 12 weeks (he wasn't actually overweight, had just got a bit soft on top over the years :-) His recurring back pain has also eased considerably. For him, going from being a self-confessed sugar and bread addict wasn't easy at first but he now says he will never go back, it has made such a difference! This is not a 'fad diet' it is a way of eating for a longer, happier, healthier life, and if you have children, it is an investment in their future.


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