Basketball has always been my sport of choice – and while I haven’t had the chance to play as much as I would like over the past several years, I do enjoy the chance to get on the court and put up some shots.

Since my diet radically changed a number of months ago and I transitioned to eating primal – I’ve dropped 10kgs+ and been feeling so much better for it. When I step on the basketball court I’ve got a lot more energy, and lately I’ve just been feeling like I’ve been getting on top of things fitness-wise.

Until Crossfit last night.

I completed the intro sessions at Far North Crossfit a couple of weeks ago – but none of that prepared my body for the onslaught I had to face for those 15 minutes last night. As I said, I’d been feeling quite good about things until that point. I felt great actually – and was quite inspired after watching one of our 180 Nutrition Ambassadors, James Newbury in action on YouTube the other day. I hit the warmup and skills stuff pretty hard and was giving myself a pat on the back for a top effort on the press-ups and pull-ups. Bring on the WOD!

Well, I got through the first round and knew that perhaps, the confidence was a little misplaced. Wall climbs, sumos and over-bar burpies. 4-15-20. Four sets. I completed my first round of burpies… just. From there on it was something like 17 minutes of Crossfit Hell. Hardest thing I’ve done in my life.

Thanks to the encouragement (and amusement?) of our trainers, Tracy & Ness – as well as the rest of the class, I made it through the workout. What a reality check.

I firmly believe the only reason I’m feeling so good the morning after, is that the way I eat, and the fact that I can immediately get something back into my body like a 180 Superfood Smoothie – means that my physical capacity to recover has never been better. And funnily enough, I’m looking forward to the next session!


180 Superfood Smoothie