Primal Life

The People & The Passion

The People…

Rob and I met 11 years ago in Auckland. Rob was completing a degree in Graphic Design and playing basketball in his spare time. I was in the process of doing a Post Grad Diploma in PE Teaching after having completed a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation through the AUT. History happened and we got married. Rob started his own design agency (Flint Media), which continues to be our main source of income. I taught at various schools throughout Auckland and then fell pregnant with our first daughter, Ella. Since then we have had three more beautiful daughters, Grace, Madelyn and most recently, Sophie. Auckland was a great place to live but we had no family support, so when I announced number three was on the way we decided it was time to move closer to family and hopefully some help! Thanks to the internet, Rob can run Flint Media from anywhere – which allowed us to move to Whangarei and buy a house in the country. Whangarei is a great place to live, especially since we are both keen divers and enjoy spearfishing and hunting crayfish along Northlands beautiful coastline!

We have both always been reasonably fit but less so lately due to life just being busy! My true 'happy place' is outside digging in the garden, or working in the shed renovating furniture to put in our house. I love taking something old and making it new, or just giving it a new lease on life. My other passion is cooking and experimenting in the kitchen (as you can probably tell if you have checked out our food ideas section), developing new recipes to suit our whole-food lifestyle and that will inspire the kids to eat GOOD food!  Between babies I have done my best to stay active and compete in various sporting events. I have completed the State Ocean Swim Series twice, winning my age group both times. Swimming has always been my sport of choice, but moving close to the Glenbervie Forest prompted me to give running a go. I actually really enjoyed it! I decided to compete in the 33km ‘Full Monty’ Costal Challenge and much to my surprise, placed third in the women. I really enjoy trail running and plan to compete in some similar races later this year. I am also going to compete in the State Ocean Series again after about 3 years off. 

Rob has played representative basketball for Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty & Auckland – but the career and family focus of recent years have meant little or no game time for an extended period. Last year he was selected for the Northland representative team and has been playing in the local league. He is feeling the best he has for years after dropping 12kg in just 12 weeks from eating a clean low carb, high fat diet:

Twelve months ago, as a family, we ‘cleaned’ up our diet, and went from eating Low Fat, High Carb to High Fat, Low Carb. What a difference it made! Weight loss was effortless and I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight when Sophie was 4 months old with NO exercise. Rob lost 12kg in 12 weeks and we both feel amazing! More energy, less bloated, way less irritable (for me this was a big thing – I stopped yelling at the kids so much!!) We just feel clean and healthy. This is what prompted us to look into ‘clean’ protein powders/meal replacements – something that could ease the load of having to now prepare every meal from scratch. Rob used to work with Stu from 180 Nutrition and we knew he wanted to bring the product to New Zealand, so we put our hand up. As well as trying to convince New Zealanders of how good 180 Superfood is we would also love to convince people to clean up their diets and see how good it makes you feel!

The Passion… 

We have four children. Like most kids they love lollies, McDonalds, little red sausages, sweet muffins and bickies, ice-cream, chocolate, highly processed deli meats, fruit juice, soft drinks… the list goes on. But just because they love it doesn’t necessarily mean they should be eating it – or that it is any good for them. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s future, and if we continue feeding them processed, packaged food – full of preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, sugar and vegetable oils, I really believe we are setting them up for a future of ill-health and disease. I have a burning passion to see the next generation break the cycle. To see then going back to eating whole-foods, cooking from scratch and eating fresh in-season produce that is grown in their own garden or by the local farmer.

For this to happen, we as parents first need to make a move to clean eating. We need to be the EXAMPLE! The more people that adopt a clean whole-food diet, the more ‘normal’ it will become. Supply is driven by demand so buy quality whole-foods instead of pre-packaged highly processed imitations of food. It can be a battle at first if your kids are used to eating chippies, sugar-laden bickies and muesli bars, and getting lollies as rewards for good behaviour. But it is a battle worth FIGHTING! Remember YOU are the adult, YOU are in charge, YOU make the choices. As parents we need to take a stand, stop being soft and bending to our children’s will just to avoid the conflict. From experience I have learnt that children can be very manipulative, strong-willed and unwilling to compromise but remember YOU are the parent and it is YOUR choices that will shape THEIR future. When you go to the supermarket choose good food. If it’s not in the house then they can’t eat it! The older they are the harder it is potentially going to be, which is a very good reason to start while they are still young and know no different.

As a parent you have the power to build a child up or tear them down, you are their world and they rely on you to make wise choices. The choices you make now will have an impact on the adults they become. You need to be an example to them. Eat well yourself. Let the kids help you prepare meals so they can learn how to cook food from scratch and don’t have to rely on pre-packaged meals in order to feed themselves. If we are going to see a decrease in lifestyle illness in the future, then something has to change NOW and it starts with YOU! 

“All social change comes from the passion of individuals” I challenge YOU to become one of those passionate individuals!