Several years ago at the movies with my wife, Hugh Jackman made a shirtless appearance on screen, prompting me to stupidly say “give me six months” in response to Emma’s obvious approval of what she saw. In effect, “give me six months & I would match Hugh in his superior bulk and physique.” Of course this was never intended to be taken seriously, but six months later when the scales peaked at 105kg, Emma wasn’t slow to remind me what I had “promised.” I had managed to bulk up alright – unfortunately all that weight was zero muscle and all flubber. 

About 6 months ago Emma convinced me to clean up the way I ate. By eliminating sugar, grains and processed food from my diet I effortlessly lost 15 kilo in 12 weeks. I didn’t eat less – far from it. I just replaced my high sugar/carb and reasonably low fat diet with a high fat/low carb (HFLC) model.

The hardest thing for me to do was give up sugar. I have to admit I was an addict. But within a week of going cold-turkey, my energy had leveled out and I was already registering lower on the scales. The weight continued to practically fall off and by the end of 12 weeks I had stabilized at 85kg from a starting weight of 99.8kg. I was back to what I weighed in high school!

I continue to eat this way because I feel so good with more energy than I’ve had in years. It’s been a huge help to introduce 180 Superfood as a healthy option for a quick snack or meal replacement when I’m short on time. (Running a business along with 4 kids at home makes for a busy life!)

Now my body is accustomed to eating what it’s actually designed to, I’ve implemented phase two – “The Hugh Jackman.” Over 6 months I intend to pair HFLC clean eating with regular sessions at the gym to see what gains I can make in terms of strength and fitness.

Having started Crossfit late in 2013 and almost immediately aggravated on old lower-back injury, I’ve started the new year with 6 weeks at Activ8, working with gym owner and trainer, Matt Harrison to get my body back in shape and start making those gains I want to see continue over the next several months and before I return to Crossfit.

I’ve completed four weeks to date with significant improvement in terms of output and overall performance. I also feel my legs coming back on the basketball court which is exciting for someone who had given up hope of ever getting above the rim again!

Over the coming months I’ll be posting progess as a means of staying accountable with what I’m eating and doing along the way. I may never match up to a ripped Hugh, but hey – gotta start with a challenge!

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