The main places I shop are Countdown (closest supermarket) the Bin Inn and Putiputi Ra (local organic shop). I always buy products with the least ingredients listed and only ones with 'real' ingredients - no numbers (unless they are numbers for naturally occurring substances - The Chemical Maze is good to help with this). I am still realistic about the cost of products, but there are some things I will not compromise on. It takes time to clean out your pantry and replace the old with the new and unless you have a large budget to work with it can be unrealistic to just throw out the old stuff and start again. The main things I discarded of initially were packet sauces and ready-made meal flavours - they have a lot of preservatives and often contain both sugar and wheat. I tipped out my sugar and gave the breakfast cereals to the chooks (the jury is still out on whether or not this was such a good idea). I kept my flour so I still had something to make play-dough with as with the small amount of vegetable oil I had left. My pantry is now pretty much devoid of colour, replaced with containers of various flours, lots of spices (I am fortunate to have a big herb garden) and limited tinned food. 

My Pantry:

Olive Oil: I don't use a lot of olive oil, mainly on salads and in aioli. Cobram estate is a good brand (Australian) but I buy the milder one otherwise I find it too strong to use in aioli. Olive oil (especially the more virgin ones) has a low smoke point so is best used where high heats are not required - frying, barbecuing etc.

Coconut oil: Blue Coconut - I get this form the Bin Inn, it is deodorised (using a clay filter), I am not a huge fan of coconut and the strong taste of undeodorised coconut oil started making me feel a bit sick. There are a lot of good brands available, I just find this one the most cost effective. Mainly used for cooking. Higher smoke point so is ok for frying.

Tamari: Ceres Organics - This is the only soy product I use, it is naturally fermented and doesn't contain wheat or colourings, you can sometimes get it from the supermarket, if not local organic store will have it. If you want to avoid soy completely Coconut Aminos is an option however it is a bit sweeter than soy sauce and it is very expensive - local organic store will have this also.

Coconut Cream: Ceres Organics or Macro Organic (cheaper option) - Only ingredients are Organic Coconut, Water and Guar Gum (415). Organic coconut cream is more expensive than other brands but one of the sacrifices I am willing to make and it has a really nice flavour.

Canned Tomatoes:  Macro Organic or Benedict's - Not organic but preservative free, contains only tomatoes and salt, it is a cheaper than the organic brands. Check the label - should only be tomatoes and salt (or no salt would be better) - no numbers!!

Tomato Paste: Greggs - Nice and rich, adds great flavour to mince and works well as a sauce base on pizzas. No preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, just Tomato Paste, Salt and Citric Acid.

Spices: Organic - if I can find them, otherwise just from supermarket and I will grind them fresh where possible - gives a lot more flavour.

Coconut Flour: Ceres Organics or Shop packaged organic - Binn Inn or Organic store. Used in most of my 'sweet' baking.

Spelt Flour: Wholemeal Organic - Used mainly for kids - spelt flour wraps, waffles, pizza bases etc.

Powdered Stevia: You will find this in your local organic store (and similar natural sweeteners at the supermarket). It is VERY sweet so the most I ever use is 1/8 tsp. It is expensive but because you use such a small amount each time it lasts for ages.

Cacao Powder: Organic store - Less refined than cocoa and no nasty hidden additives. If you are buying cocoa look for short ingredient lists - ideally it should just say cocoa powder. Homebrand does a 100% pure cocoa powder.

Dates: Homebrand - Cheap and only ingredient is dates (they could be hiding something but at this stage I am blissfully unaware). Dried fruit often contain sulphates (250) - used as a preservative, and vegetable oil to make them soft and stop them from sticking together. Used in baking and sometimes for a little sweet treat for the kids.

Popcorn: Good snack for the kids, I generally buy it form the organic store, it isn't that much more expensive. Just make sure buy the actual popping corn and do it yourself - NOT the stuff ready packaged to go in the microwave!

Maple Syrup: Queen 100% Pure - More expensive than other brands but contains no colouring (caramel -150d is often used) and no added sugar. Only ingredient should be 100% pure Maple Syrup. Used in small amounts in baking.

180Nutrition Superfood: Great product to have in the pantry, our whole family uses it in smoothies and baking or mixed with natural yoghurt and berries.

Baking Powder: Bin Inn - Gluten free and NOT treated with aluminium, most main-stream baking powders have a lot of hidden nasties and fillers.

Salt: Himalayan pink salt or NZ sea salt - Contains a lot of trace minerals that have been processed out of traditional table salt. Avoid the iodised table salt - it is highly processed and bleached!

Nuts and Seeds: You can activate these if you want to. A mixture of almonds, walnuts, cashews, macadamias, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds. Used for snacking and baking. Sourced for organic store or Bin Inn sometimes supermarket if on special. I find keeping them in containers in the fridge keeps then fresh and crunchy.

Vanilla Extract: I made my own using vodka and vanilla pods. Just buy a glass hip-flask of vodka, split 4 vanilla beans down the centre and add to the bottle. Shake every couple of days and leave in a dark place, will be ready in a couple of weeks. 

Coffee: Organic - Hummingbird - Countdown, Rush Organic - based in Warkworth, I get it from Putiputi Ra (local organic store)

Tea: Organic Chai Rooibos (caffeine free), Green Tea (both Red Seal), English Breakfast - usually Chainui

Spice n Easy Recipe Kits: Countdown, I have also come across them at Pack n Save - great preservative free way to make Butter Chicken or Chicken Madras.

Desiccated and Shaved Coconut: Organic store (preservative free) - most dried products from the supermarket have been treated with preservatives to preserve colour and flavour

Almond Flour: Bin Inn - Used in some of my recipes, I try not to use it too often as it is very expensive and I am still not convinced on the merits of using a 'flour' that is hugely calorie dense (it is made out of LOTS of almonds).

Chocolate: Lindt - As dark as possible with a short ingredient list. For baking I use Cadbury or Whittakers (Whittakers has the best ingredients list) whatever is on special and at least 70%.

Cocoa Butter: Organic Store - Used in some of my raw food recipes if I need something to set hard and not melt in a lunch-box 

Rolled Oats: Bin Inn - Used for kids breakfast and in baking

Crackers: Ryvita - Only ingredients are wholegrain rye flour, sesame seeds, salt. Used for kids snacks when I need a quick option. Rye Cruskits - also have a good ingredients list and are not as whole-grain as the Ryvita so may suit some kids tastes better. Ceres Organics Rice Crackers - only ones that don't contain vegetable oil and other nasties

Bread: Vogels Mixed Grain Original - I get the super thin sliced loaf. Danny's Real Pita Breads - great as a quick sandwich option or for using as mini pizza bases. Mountain Bread - makes some great wrap options.