The Wholefood House

100% natural wholefood goodness, made right here in New Zealand!

Specality grain free products. Our super low-carb mixes are 100% grain-free and use all-natural whole food ingredients. They provide quick and easy alternatives to traditional grain based products, enabling you to make tasty grain-free breads, pizza bases and pancakes in a few simple steps. Shop Low Carb

Family friendly baking mixes. Our whole food baking mixes are a great alternative to highly processed, store-brought bickies and muffins. Tried and tested by the whole family, these a great option for lunch box treats. Shop now

Performance Nutrition. Our New Zealand Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate is a great source of clean protein to add to your smoothies to aid with muscle recovery after exercise. Get your supply

180 Nutrition Superfood

Now shipping directly from 180 Nutrition in Australia, 180 Nutrition Superfood is a fuss-free way to have a quick snack without sugar or processed ingredients. It’s loaded with fibre, protein and good fats and helps you eliminate bad food, trim down or recover after exercise. Shop 180 Nutrition

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